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What Is Trillion (TRL)?

Trillion (TRL) is a BEP-20 Token used within the decentralized e-Commerce platform provided by

Trillion is the utility token used within the Digital Downloads Marketplace:

  • It acts as a Tokenized reward to high performing Digital Downloads Publishers.
  • The Token is redistributed to regular digital product customer within our store as a Coupon, which they can redeem against popular coins such as BNB, USDT, BUSD across various liquidity pools run by the network's majority holders.

Trillion Charts / Pairs and Liquidity / Data:

How Many Trillion Are There in Circulation?

The Max Supply is 1,000,000,000 11% (around 110,000,000) of the supply is in circulation and available for trade across various Liquidity Pools where Trillion TRL is paired against BNB (Binance Smart Chain) Token More and tokens will be released overtime according to the growth of the of Network.

Who Founded Trillion?

Trillion is the brainchild of Senior web developer Stephane Jolicoeur, both of whom have extensive experience in programming and e-Commerce Industry. Stephane Jolicoeur can be contacted at:

Token Adoption

With a foresight of the high potential and tremendous advantages of cryptocurrency adoption as a payment method, Stephane Jolicoeur developed, a decentralized digital downloads marketplace where anybody can publish and sell their Digital Downloadable Products and earn Cryptocurrencies.

Where Can I Buy Trillion (TRL)?

Trillion is available for trading on a growing number of Decentralized exchanges such as,,