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979,801,210 BARRON
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979,801,210 BARRON
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May 15, 2024 (a month ago)
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May 08, 2024 (2 months ago)
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8597th / 10.1K
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About Time Traveler

What Is BARRON? BARRON is a memecoin on Solana. The cryptocurrency was created as a tribute to Barron Trump and his time traveling adventures. If you know, you know.

BARRON strives to lead its diehard community of PRAETORIANS to forever solidify itself as one of the top meme-based cryptocurrencies. BARRON will appear as “Time Traveler” in your Solana wallet.

The community of PRAETORIANS, led by Kiki and fellow time travelers, seized control of BARRON on April 19th, 2024, after its initial creation on April 17th. The vast and ever-growing group of loyal fans are what drive BARRON.