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Self-reported circulating supply
272,255,480 PEEP$
Total supply
430,023,416 PEEP$
Max. supply
1,000,000,000 PEEP$

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About The People's Coin

What is the project about?

The People’s Coin (PEEP$) is a community-built project that provides a Real-World Solution to bridge the current gap between Charitable Giving & Fundraising initiatives with Blockchain Technology; providing a simple, seamless & recognizable ‘GoFundMe-like’ universal digital payment ability for ALL donating and fundraising initiatives.

What makes your project unique?

The project was conceptualized and brought to life from within the community itself, as opposed to most projects that have to build a community around the project. This has allowed natural organic growth to occur, giving credence to how the power of an inclusive open-forum can unlock the door to blockchain technology for all. Through the platform designated within the ecosystem, there is an established governance which promotes continual growth of the community, utilizing the public ledger to confirm access to these forums via the PEEP$ native token. The project has taken great pride in the diversity and overall inclusion of the many members of different backgrounds that otherwise may never have been introduced to blockchain or cryptocurrency. It is an ever-adapting project that’s direction is chosen internally by The People of the community.

What can your token be used for?

The People’s Coin is able to immediately provide this solution regardless of age, size, or status of the operation as ALL entities will be incentivized to convert as many existing and new donors/contributors to make their payments in PEEP$ instead of the antiquated and flawed methods they are currently using or have in the past; eliminating several existing limitations and flaws that currently plague the process, which will increase the overall number of donations, as well as the total amount raised.