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About Tegro

Tegro is unlocking a $2 trillion market by building a web3 games ecosystem.

Web3 games are the next paradigm shift in gaming, just like mobile and free to play were in the earlier decades. The number of GameFi users already surpassed DeFi users in 2021 and has a year-on-year growth rate of 2400%. Tegro is bringing this new economic opportunity to players and investors by building an entire Web3 games ecosystem.

There are multiple parts to this ecosystem.

Tegro is building the world’s first game asset marketplace, where players, traders and institutional investors can come together to buy, sell and trade assets from all games. The marketplace will provide rich data about each asset to allow informed decision-making and will have tools for pro-traders to build institutional liquidity.

Secondly, it is building Tegronomics, a series of economic frameworks that have been vetted by several of the world’s leading economists that game developers can use to quickly implement a sustainable economy in their games. These frameworks will increase the shelf life of Web3 games from months to years, making them a true investable asset class.

A core belief underlying these frameworks is that game economies should be built on top of FTs as opposed to NFTs to increase both frequency of trading and liquidity, and also making it much easier to deploy large funds.

And finally, it is building a platform to help build Web3 games. This is an 80% pre-built stack that comes with a plug-and-play Web3 SDK and an in-built marketplace integration that makes it much easier for game developers to jumpstart their Web3 journey.