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                         WHAT IS TCHA

T’Challa Token is the governance token of the T’Challa Foundation. It aims to build Wakanda Land Game (Metaverse). The T’Challa Wakanda Game will be a combination of multiple elements of technology, including virtual reality, augmented reality and African virtual Arts where users "live" within a digital universe and perform different task to survive in the Wakanda virtual game land. Tchalla is  building first African indigenous launchpad called TCHAPAD.

 TCHAPAD is a decentralized platform for launching new projects via  token creation  and the conduction of initial token offering and IDO . Token creation has been simplified for any start up to create their own token without Writing a single line of Code.  This is done by simply following a few steps through our terminal and design your own token and launch in a few minutes.  NFT being a big trend in the Crypto space, we will be tapping into this trend by building  our own NFT marketplace where users can Mint,buy and sell their Digital art collections.