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Takemichi Inu is a launchpad focused on providing vetted, safe ERC-20 project launches in which the $TAKE token serves as the primary method of access. Through owning and staking $TAKE, holders gain access to trusted projects by means of vetted Pre-Sales, Whitelisted Fair Launches, and early access to Stealth Launches. Regular buybacks and redistribution of $TAKE tokens are performed by means of income derived from launches incubated through the launchpad.

Takemichi Inu, and it’s native $TAKE token, seek to expand and improve upon the traditional structure of a Launchpad by creating innovative methods of incubating, releasing, and marketing new projects. By identifying the failures and successes of previous ERC-20 launchpads, the team at Takemichi Inu has developed improved methods of ensuring the health and safety of any newly vetted project. Through various creative measures of allowing early access to projects to $TAKE holders, Takemichi Inu will revolutionize the term Launchpad!

Owning and staking $TAKE gives holders passive income in the way of earning $TAKE tokens in addition to token allocations of newly launched projects and the innovative buyback system creates positive upward momentum for the $TAKE token while rewarding the community for participating in the Takemichi Inu ecosystem. Using a combined system of random lottery, token airdrops, and tailored whitelisting, the Takemichi Inu launchpad is like nothing you have ever seen before. Get ready!