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About Swace

Swace is a social gaming application, that rewards its members for engaging with and spreading the word out of associated brands in a fun and interactive way. Via the Swace app, any brand, product, or service provider can launch a social gaming campaign, which has been tailored and developed to its target audience and simultaneously reward gamers. One more thing, Swace is proudly introducing the upcoming Swace NFT (https://swace.io/NFT) where unique branded finds a true place to be minted, created and sold.


Any brand can launch its social (advertising) gaming campaign by selecting a game scenario from pre-configured gaming frames on the Swace app. The software then calculates the operational cost that the brand will need to pay to the platform owner for hosting and managing the game. The brand's advertising budget will then be charged, and the game-winning pool within the app will be funded with SWACE tokens. Brands are also able to purchase SWACE tokens on the exchange directly from other token holders such as investors, other brands, as well as gamers. For gamers, the SWACE tokens are used as a reward and can be exchanged for real products and services offered by the associated brands in the Swace Marketplace, at brand stores, or converted on the exchange into FIAT currencies. In terms of benefits for brands, they are able to use the coins they collect from gamers to launching new games via the Swace app, or exchange them into FIAT on the Swace Swap. Additionally, Swace NFT offerings provide an additional creative outlet for creatives and brands alike.