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What Is SuperInu ($SINU)? Super Inu (ticker symbol: $SINU) is a project co-founded by two students: “Super Hero” studying economics and smart constracts in his spare time, and “Super Master” studying law and also running a marketing agency. The two of them started investing in cryptocurrency in 2017 and never stopped since. The idea behind the project is to make a meme token with a real usecase gathering a community. The team is fully dedicated to the project, putting aside their personal work for the project. The team will develop a real ecosystem around the token gathering meme, rewards, NFT collection and metaverse game all together.

What is the goal of SuperInu? The goal of Super Inu is to make a meme token with a real utility and tokenomics supporting the project and assuring a long-term vision for investors. All the crypto meme addicts around the world know about the Inu hype and know about Shiba Inu or Cheems Inu, but don’t have a place they could gather and create a real community surrounding it. That is where the Super Inu’s utility come into balance: the project is aiming to build a Metaverse game with a NFT required to log-in for 2022. In the game players will be able to talk with other players, having their own apartment, purchasing furnitures and many more features to be announced. The original idea come from the same team who made SuperBNB. The original idea was a meme token rewarding its investors in BNB. The same mechanism was integrated in Super Inu, but this time with a real utility behind the project. Investors are enjoying them much because the mechanism is automatic, and the rewards can be tracked easily. Also, the team is doing a giveaway ending on February 3rd in which you could win a Lamborghini as a prize simply by holding Super Inu.

What Makes SuperINU ($SINU) Unique? Super Inu is unique because it’s bringing meme, metaverse and BNB together. The project is following the Inu movement and could be seen as a meme token among the millions of others, but the team is clearly trying to push into more than simply that as $SINU is not only rewarding its holders in BNB, but it will be also used as the native token in the Metaverse game the team is building for 2022. Therefore, you’ll be able to make transactions in $SINU while being into the game.

SuperInu Project Description Super Inu ($SINU) is a reflection token rewarding its holders in BNB, but is also the native token of a metaverse game that will release in 2022. Among the 15% tax, 5% is allocated to rewards, 5% to marketing expenses, 3% to the liquidity pool and 2% for development. Their goal is to go viral building a community around the new Inu meme token that will gather in the Super Inu Metaverse starting in 2022.

How many SuperInu ($SINU) Coins Are There in Circulation? Super Inu was launched through a presale on Pinksale with 63,750,000,000 SINU available during the presale. A migration also happened from their previous token $SPB, a total of 32,700,531,802 have been migrated. A maximum of 150 billion SINU will be in total circulation. At the moment, 135.81 billion are currently circulating on the market. The team holds 14,186,179,810 SINU. They are locked in with Pinksale

Where Can You Buy SuperInu ($SINU)? You can buy $SINU on PancakeSwap The recommended slippage is at 18%. The liquidity pool is locked on Pinksale