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What Is SuperBNB.Finance ($SPB)? SuperBNB (ticker symbol: $SPB) is a project initiated by two students, "SuperBNBHero" is studying economics and smart contracts in his spare time, the other one, "SuperBNBMaster" is studying law and has a marketing agency. Two founders first heard about Bitcoin in 2017 and had invested a lot of money in a lot of cryptocurrencies. They started this project as an open journey and as an experiment to see how far a meme can go. The two founders dedicated themselves to the project full time, putting aside their work to focus on this project. It is guaranteed that the project team will continue to develop the ecosystem, with more inspiration and a touch of fun to honor the CZ mascot.

What is the goal of SuperBNB? According to SuperBNB’s website there are multiple goals of the project. Gather a community around a meme, in this case that of CZ. When all memes addicts around the world come together, they could build a force that is second to none. In other words, $SPB is the coin for all global meme addicts. This original idea drove the developers to learn some coding stuff using Github. Anyways the devs try to improve and develop the SuperBNB ecosystem. The secret goal which is more likely to happen is to have the recognition of CZ and to participate in a film with SuperBNB. Even the famous Mark Twain said: “Make memes, not war”. Therefore, the more you hold, the more $BNB you win with the reward program. The founders are trying to tell people that it is ok to have fun in this hard world of crypto currency which can sometimes be hard, but sometimes funny and joyful. It’s all about getting up again and again. SuperBNB’s goal seems to be in chords to many meme cryptocurrencies. They are organizing a funny event with a Lamborghini to win from a total of 50 million volume.

What Makes SuperBNB ($SPB) Unique? The self-deprecating sense of humor is the most unique part of the project. They truly believe that they can prove to the world that a funny project can also be serious with a long term ambition with dApps and NFTs. Combining a meme coin with a serious project would be the key concept to bring meme coin investors and institutional investors together. SuperBNB Project Description SuperBNB ($SPB) is a reflection token rewarding its holders in BNB. Among the 15% tax, 5% is allocated to rewards and 3% to the liquidity pool and 7% for marketing funds. Their goal is to unite a community around a meme, with a long term vision for the future.

How many SuperBnb ($SPB) Coins Are There in Circulation? SuperBNB was publicly launched on November 29, 2021 (With a PinkSale Presale). A maximum of 100 billion SPB will be in total circulation and 30 billion were burned. At the moment, 70 billion are currently circulating on the market.

How were the SuperBnb ($SPB) distributed? They made a presale on PinkSale with 55,000,000,000 SPB that have been available during the presale of which 18,189,864,694 were not sold.The team holds 9,790,072,000 SPB. They are locked in with Pinksale

Where Can You Buy SuperBNB ($SPB)? You can buy $SPB on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange. PancakeSwap The recommended slippage is between 15 and 20%.[Liquidity Pool is locked] (