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STAKEMOON is a decentralized platform that promotes an overarching visionary – to reward long-term token holders. The STAKEMOON team argues that this goal can be achieved through two fundamental routes.

First, all STAKEMOON transactions attract a taxation rate of 15%. In a nutshell, this is to demotivate day traders and market speculators from buying and selling the STAKEMOON token as part of a short-term investment strategy. Of this figure, 10% is distributed to existing token holders, while the remaining 5% is allocated to the STAKEMOON liquidity pool.

Second, the team at STAKEMOON are proponents of the long-term benefits of staking. Put simply, those that allocate their tokens to the STAKEMOON protocol will, in turn, receive rewards. This is because the STAKEMOON tokens in question are utilized for the purpose of confirming blockchain transactions and thus – fees subsequently paid by the sender are distributed fairly to those taking part in the staking program.