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Stader is a multi-chain liquid staking contract infrastructure platform. Having first launched on Terra 1.0, the protocol reached a TVL of $1Bn+ with 35000+ wallets staking with it at its peak. Stader’s liquid staking solution is now present across Hedera, Polygon, Bnb, Fantom,& Terra 2.0. with a current TVL of ~ $85M+ .

Stader’s liquid staking solution, NearX, is live on the NEAR Protocol. The NearX token has been audited by Halborn, one of the leading cyber security firms in the Web3 space. A second audit with BlockSec, the leading auditor for NEAR protocol, is currently underway. With NearX, users will get the opportunity to earn supercharged APY through NearX integrations and incentives across major DeFi protocols in the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems.