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Please be note that SpookyShiba has migrated to new contract address.
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Circulating supply
Total supply
1,000,000,000 SPKY
Max. supply
1,000,000,000 SPKY

Please be note that SpookyShiba has migrated to new contract address.

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About SpookyShiba

SpookyShiba (SPKY), orignially a token first launched on October 28th 2021, then migrated on July 6th, 2022, has reached a business pinnacle of E-Sports gaming. SPKY has created an all encompassing ecosystem that includes non-crypto as well as crypto users. Our battle royale type game is built with highest quality developers from some of the team that used to work on "Five Nights at Freddy's".

Since its launch on October 28th, 2021, SpookyShiba has developed a strong community of holders and evolved into a first of its kind blockchain based E-Sports Gaming company. From that development, SpookyShiba has found itself as a business registered in Dubai, creating a business model that is the greatest utility for the project. It aims to be a technologically robust defi project merging the artistically and technically complex world of game development. For all token holders, there is an additional dApp NFT scratch card game that was just released, which connects to users wallets (use official links only) and by holding at least $100 worth of SPKY tokens, they have a chance at winning prizes daily, including NFTs.

To top it all off, the holders of a SpookyShiba Royalty NFTs will enjoy an exclusive opportunity to earn commission on all transactions conducted within our marketplace, based upon how many and what type they own more information here. With the expontential growing steps SpookyShiba is taking, soon they should have a global reach to all audiences.