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What is Sparrow?

To start from the very beginning, Sparrow is being developed by a unique team of individuals with similar ideals & goals. The team put their specific specialities to use everyday to bring development and life to Sparrow and it's community!

Sparrow bridges the gap between Multi-Chain & Cross-Chain Decentralized Platforms, that includes Farming, Lending, Pools, Staking, NFTs and much more. The possibilities are truly endless with Sparrow. We empower all NFT creators, collectors and traders from all backgrounds to participate in a marketplace that is open, fair and accessible to ALL. We believe inclusion is absolutely paramount when it comes to the growth of Cryptocurrency Projects.

With Sparrow, you will be able to swap our native SPW tokens on the Sparrow Platform to other tokens on other chains and vice versa. You will be able to earn by adding liquidity to LPs, Lending, Gaming, Farming, participating in pools and many more ways. You will earn 70% of transaction fees by providing liquidity to liquidity pools, giving you more reasons to hold SPW to earn rewards through staking and farming.