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SpaceLink is a P2E gaming Metaverse built for the future! PLAY. STAKE. EARN! The ecosystem will consist of three parts: $SPLINK, METEOR and EXO. In order to participate in the ecosystem you will need to hold $SPLINK. $SPLINK is the ERC-20 Token Owned by the community and is the key component in the Gaming Metaverse. With 100% of its liquidity burned, the creators wanted to ensure the community knew they're here for the long haul. In order to play the games in the ecosystem, you will need to stake your $SPLINK and redeem METEOR. METEOR will give you access to play the entire gaming library. EXO will be the currency used to purchase Characters, Skins, Weapons and Gear which will come as NFT’s that the community can buy, sell and trade with each other! How do you acquire EXO? Yup! You guessed it..Playing the games! We have a massive vision for this project and we cannot do it without you: Each and every $SPLINK holder!