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SpaceCorgi is a pet service-oriented autostaking, deflationary, utility token. SpaceCorgi leverages memenomics with real-world token utility, establishing a shared utility network across the pet retail and service industries with interchangeable referral and reward programs.


  • Initially, SpaceCorgi will be accepted by, a dog waste removal app, as a form of payment.
  • Scoopers will also leverage SpaceCorgi for referral and rewards programs.
  • As additional pet partners join the utility network, SpaceCorgi will function as an interchangeable and frictionless value store.


RFI tokenomics and auto-liquidity generation are maintained as staples of SpaceCorgi. SpaceCorgi is a fair launch following these steps: - Dev minted tokens. - Dev sent the balance to DxSale for a fair launch. 3% of tokens are reserved in marketing wallet for community benefit. - Remainder of tokens are burned. - DxSale protocol is utilized to foster trust by auto-locking liquidity. - SpaceCorgi is a community-owned token.


  • A liquidity fee of 3% is taken from every transaction.
  • 1% is redistributed to holders in reflection.
  • Total Supply: 1000 Trillion
  • Initial Burn: 500 Trillion
  • Symbol: SCORGI
  • Decimal: 9


Burning the supply of $SCORGI increases the price through deflation. Contrary to many mining or staking projects that burn tokens from what they mint, our burns are real-world, permanent depletion from the circulating supply. Originally, we burned these coins by sending them to the burn wallet (0xdead) after minting them for the autostaking calculation; however, this is not considered a burn because these coins were deposited in the burn wallet before circulation. By making all the tokens scarcer with every transaction, a real deflation will push the price higher. Initially, the burn address consists of 50% of the total $SCORGI supply, so it will receive half of the 1% fee with every transaction. With time, the burn wallet will account for more than 50% of the total transactions, and it will consume a greater proportion of the 1% transaction and becomes more deflationary.