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Snakes On An NFT Game features 22 action packed levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Players take on the form of a snake and must pass each level while trying to avoid being beaten by cops, stomped by grandmas or killed by other bad muther fuckas.

You have 2 choices: play if you don't have NFT Snakes or play if you are an NFT Snakes holder.

Choose a free snake or your NFT SNAKES to play and earn BUSD

Levels - Escape through planes, trains, backyards and gyms. All you’re trying to do is go home, but everyone is a hater. Complete each level and earn BUSD, which you can withdraw immediately after completing each level. Amount of reward depends on level that you have passed and whether you have Snakes NFT

NFT Marketplace

SNAKES are hand drawn and then computer generated by a unique amalgamation of thousands of features. 10,000 hand-drawn SNAKES will be minted. Price is only 0.1 BNB to start.

You can test your luck and make a mint NFT for 0.3BNB here you have a chance to get a Rare Snake costing 5BNB. In total there will be 300 rare NFTs, they will be unique and marked VIP.

Buy regular or rare NFTs and earn up to $100 for every level you complete in our game