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Self-reported circulating supply
14,365,398 DNT
Total supply
21,548,097 DNT
Max. supply
21,548,097 DNT

Please note that Smartlands Network has migrated to new contract address.

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What Is Definder Platform (DNT)?

Definder Platform is a cloud-based application that leverages blockchain-based tokenization to unlock liquidity for asset owners and opportunities for investors, building the future of decentralized finance worldwide. 

Definder Platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain network and employs advanced blockchain technology with fast, cheap, secure transactions and extended capabilities.

The idea of Platform is to provide open, unregulated access to the platform to facilitate and accelerate real estate and other real-economy assets funding transactions. We strive to eliminate all burdensome steps on the platform that make onboarding or operating difficult for both crowd and business.

A simple onboarding procedure brings you to an easy-to-use marketplace where you can view property parameters (name, location, raise amount, minimal investments, expected returns, terms); multimedia materials, as well as additional documents including business plans, marketing brochures, etc.

Despite the simplicity of the process, we took care of protecting your funds: * We have a multi-signature wallet for fundraising. The second signature belongs to the Foundation.
 * Liquidity pool is formed in the amount from 5% to 10-15% of the sum of the consolidated loan. Liquidity pool will serve as a guarantee fund for clients' deposits.
 * The Supervisory Board is formed from the top 10 contributors. It allows decentralization of decision making concerning further operations.
 * Communication channels will be made for all contributors to the crowdloan, where they will be encouraged to vote for the projects to be admitted to a crowdloan, assess risks inherent to the project, elect a controlling representative of the Community over the target of the crowdloan, as well as participate in other decision-making events.

DNT is the native utility token that is used for:

  • Payment of a symbolic fee at the stage of reservation of a share in the particular “crowdloan target.”
  • Formation of a liquidity pool for the purpose of hedging risks for the period of contribution into the crowd loan.

DNT is used to form a liquidity pool for decentralized crowd-loan events, conducted and managed by the Community. All the transaction fees applicable within the Definder Platform are also be paid in DNT. With the development of Definder Platform and other products of the Definder Network voting and other rights may be attributed to DNT.

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Who Are the Founders of DNT?