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15,500,000 SRSB

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Sirius Bond is an utility token based on Binance Smart Chain with autostaking, burn, locked liquidity and whale free. We aim to be a friendly and powerful community that will always give more to earlier adopters.

This study of economic incentive models and token distribution within cryptocurrencies has come to be known as token economics, or, tokenomics for short. In order for a token to have any sort of value there needs to be an incentive to use or hold that token. This incentive creates demand for the token, which then dictates the token’s price.

This is also where network effects come into play. Imagine there is a new currency in the world but only a few select people have access to this currency. Is it useful? Not really. That’s because the currency only has value to those who have access to it. The more users who participate in the use of the currency, the more value the currency has. This phenomenon is known as the network effect, and it makes token distribution extremely important.