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We are the FIRST Metaverse in the world to feature SHIBA INUS and FOCUS on the 1.4 Billion FEMALE GAMERS, and conceived & designed by our CEO, Apple Vuong Phuong.

Statistic of 1.4Billions female gamers. USA: 47% Europe: 70%.

Our Target market:
-1.4 Billion Female Gamer -Female Non-Gamers -Female Streamer Bigo and Streamers, Tiktokers.

Our Metaverse Gameplay: Role Playing Game, Adventure, Logic, Platform preferred by majority of Female Gamers.

ShibaDAOS Career Path: A unique Bigo Live business model of Play to Earn Career Path for woman joining as our ShibaDAOS.

GameFI Shiba Music Beat We are the FIRST in the world to release Shiba Play To Earn games.

ShibaNFT We are the FIRST in the world to provide 22 sets of Cute 3D SHIBA NFT to play in our Shiba Music Beat GameFi app. People can buy, sell and trade iconic NFT lands, landmarks and buildings in our metaverse. We will expand our NFT Pets to other breeds.

Shibafriend DEFI Players can receive up to 80% of financial assistance to buy Shiba NFT Pets, Shiba NFT land, landmark and buildings in our metaverse.