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Self-reported circulating supply
6,942,069,420,694 SECURITY
Total supply
6,942,069,420,694 SECURITY
Max. supply
6,942,069,420,694 SECURITY

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About Security

$SECURITY is an ERC-20 meme token that introduces the people’s security.

What are Gary and the SEC going to do about it? They have used the word “security” as a weapon against the people and against DeFi itself. It’s time for them to share the blows with the rest of us. $SECURITY.

Sure, let’s declare everything under the sun as a security and live the fairy tale that we are “protecting” investors. We declare this ERC-20 token a security. This is the people’s own security.

Our tokenomics feature a total supply of 6,942,069,420,694 tokens, with a buy and sell tax of 0 each, respectively. Join the $SECURITY revolution today.