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Conserving the wildlife is at the heart of our mission, Save Animals is an initiative dedicated to saving the wildlife of the beloved planet we call home. Through strategic partnerships, academic backing, and a strong desire to make this world a better place. We'll help our partners protect endangered species and their habitats by addressing global environmental threats and seeking long-term solutions with people in the government, industry, education, and civil society.

Benefit our beloved planet by protecting the population of the world's most ecologically, economically, and culturally important species. Their survival is being threatened by poaching, illicit trade, and habitat loss. By investing into SaveAnimals; 1% of each transaction made utilizing $SEAS will go towards our charity wallet. 100% of the funds accumulated in this wallet will be donated to one of our partner charities.

Together with our partners, influencers around the world, and the power of the crypto industry. We’ll be able to grow our community and contribute to saving the wildlife. All donations made are public, you’re able to view them on our website and official Twitter account. This isn’t just a regular project, we the team behind Save Animals are giving it our all! This is our passion, and where there's a will there's away.