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Welcome to Satoru Inu, a community driven platform sanctioning people of all backgrounds to true financial freedom. Satoru was built with love to emphasize community, trust, and healthy innovation. The $SATO token is our equilibrium. The smart contract was built on the ERC-20 blockchain with great tokenomics and anticipation. SatoruFi is working around the clock to innovate a linear method to bring exposure to blockchain-gaming.

Here at Satoru Inu, we are firm believers of the next financial revolution- Cryptocurrency! Due to crypto's accelerating adoption, we've created a community-dictated token to help everyone reach their financial goals no matter how small or big! Our goal is to create a system in which society's normal people can quickly jump up and attain riches.

We plan to educate investors of all backgrounds to understand how to manage assets of all varieties and escape the indoctrinated enslavement of society- the infamous "Nine to Five". Hence, we created Satoru Enterprise, a start-up company motivated to cultivate a linear method of innovative techniques to better the monetary system of the world. We plan to educate "normies" into well-educated investors! We also plan to lead blockchain gaming on all operating systems via Web 3.0 Technology. Thanks for joining the #SatoArmy!