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1,000,000,000,000,000,000 SAHU

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About Sakhalin Husky

$SAHU is an ERC-20 token minted with a supply of 1 quintillion. Initial supply had been reduced at the release of the token by 50% which has been burned to a dead wallet. The contract contains a tax percentage on the transacted quantities of $SAHU of 4%. This translates to <2% redistribution reward awarded to holders and >2% burn. The burned tokens are distributed directly to the burn wallet and are gone forever.

$SAHU’s ultimate goal is to create use-cases that will keep Sahu competitive in this everchanging market. To that end, the $SAHU leadership team has decided that Sahu will become a one stop shop for everything crypto. This will include but is not limited to NFTs, NFT gaming, partnerships and more.

At $Sahu we believe in maintaining the integrity of the brand and coin. $SAHU respects all other existing tokens and coins in the crypto world. We as a community believe in continued growth and value friendly rivalries. We are not Dogecoin killers or Shiba Inu killers, but in a world which has been continuously let down by traditional currencies and investment opportunities, we believe there is room for all tokens to succeed and help grow the crypto technology landscape, each offering a variation of use cases.

$SAHU respects all crypto holders, no matter what cryptocurrency is being held. We welcome all to be part of the community and together we will be able to build a great future for $SAHU.