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What Is SafeShiba (SAFESHIB)?

SAFESHIB is a DeFi ecosystem designed to blend traditional memecoin tokenomics with those of DeFi 2.0 applications.

The tokenomics for the SAFESHIB token are as follows:

  • 2% BTC Buyback - 2% of every transaction will be used to purchase BTC to help back the SAFESHIB token and create a floor price. Once our lending app launches, token holders will be able to borrow BTC against their SAFESHIB at 0% APY

  • 2% Dev/Marketing/Buyback Fee - 2% of every transaction will be used to support development efforts along with buybacks, burns and marketing to help show the world our project

  • 1% Burn - 1% of every Transaction is burned to help remove supply from the system and create a supply shock. This further helps our holders benefit

How Many NEAR Coins Are There in Circulation?

SAFESHIB launched on November 8th 2021 with 1 Quadrillion tokens, similar to SAFEMOON + SHIB. However, the circulating supply is continually decreasing due to the tokenomics at play.


SAFESHIB is primarily available to purchase on Pancakeswap using the BNB pair. The official contract address for SAFESHIB is 0x0958fac26d489a0c86c053f9a4843ca57cc6ba7a