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1,000,000,000,000,000 SPND

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The SafePanda token is a cryptocurrency system for generating funding for charity, through activating the empathy gene with a simple to understand protocol. There has been a recent fervor surrounding the development and launch of meme tokens with little to no utility value other than providing early buyers with large profits as the result of being subjected to pump and dump schemes. Some of these tokens reach market capitalization upwards of 10s of millions of US Dollars and experience trading volumes of millions of US Dollars a day. We provide the opportunity for these large streams of funds to be dedicated to the the cause of wildlife conservation by collecting a percentage of every transaction and allocating those funds to be collected by a dedicated charity wallet and using the funds to support foundations in the fight for wildlife conservation. This BEP-20 token has a 4% fee on every transaction that is automatically processed by the contract and turned into a liquidity pair of SPND/WBNB and sent to a locked liquidity contract. The SafePanda Token also includes a 3% rewards distribution fee for SafePanda Holders, a 2% fee to be reserved for funding for charities, and a 1% fee reserved for expenses related to business/marketing of these tokens for every transaction. Our token includes a method for reserving and collecting funds in BNB and distributed to a charity and expenses wallet. This prevents large “Dev” wallets and causing large amounts of our token to be released into the market.