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SafeOne Chain (SAFO) has migrated to a new contract. For more information, please visit here.
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Self-reported circulating supply
297,000,000 SAFO
Total supply
300,000,000 SAFO
Max. supply
300,000,000 SAFO

SafeOne Chain (SAFO) has migrated to a new contract. For more information, please visit here.

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About SafeOne Chain

What is SafeOne Chain (SAFO)?

Safeone Chain (SAFO) is rebranded and Migrated from Neorbit (NRB) and launch 17 Desember 2022. SafeOne Chain is an exceptional fast & low cost POS Blockchain, not the usual one but a vetted Blockchain with security tools against scam/rug of any kind. We will do state of the art vetting with our blockchain detectives as well as common business assurances with each project on our chain.

For the eventual rest risk after vetting, we will offer different crypto insurance packages in the form of unique utility NFTs.

Investment on SafeOne Chain is secure.

SAFO tools include:

• SAFO Swap Swap your favorites crypto-assets from one to another, over 1200+ crypto-assets has been verified and available to trade. Fast transactions and low fees are guaranteed.SafeOne (SAFO) will be the main token in our SAFO ecosystem. As the preferred token we plan to use the SafeOne Token for staking, governance, paying transaction fees and gaining eligibility in the Chain ecosystem

• SAFO Staking is an activity where a user locks or holds his funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to participate in maintaining the operations of a Proof-of-Stake (PoS)-based blockchain system. It is similar to crypto mining in the sense that it helps a network achieve consensus while rewarding users who participate. NFT staking work quiet similar to common staking but is accessible only on APR rates unlike token staking

• SAFO Wallet, SafeOne Wallet is the official crypto wallet and the main tool of SafeOne Chain. You can send, receive and store Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies and digital assets safely and securely with the SafeOne Wallet. It will be the centre of all SafeOne Chain functions as SafeOne validator program, SafeOne staking on chain, SafeOne Bridge, SafeOne Bots and many more

• SAFO Insurance, SafeOne Chain will offer different kind of Insurance policies to back up any type of scam/rug on the SafeOne Chain. In event of an exploit all invested funds up to the maximum insurance limit will be refunded. Once the policy is paid out or the validity of the NFT expires, the NFT will be burned. Expired and unused NFTs can be exchanged against new and valid ones for just 25% of your first purchase price

• SAFO Payments Solution, SafeOne chains credit card front-end payments solution uses the best way for non-crypto users to purchase $SAFO token without even having to buy first the mother chain token and then on a decentralized exchange your $SAFO. With our payment solutions, you can buy with a credit card directly on our website. $SAFO will be sent straight into your wallet. Easy as never before and accessible to everyone.

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