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Self-reported circulating supply
1,000,000,000 SAFEMOON2.0
Total supply
1,000,000,000 SAFEMOON2.0
Max. supply
1,000,000,000 SAFEMOON2.0

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About SafeMoon 2.0

Welcome to Safemoon 2.0, an innovative crypto project redefining the digital space with its unique and forward-thinking approach. Created by a collective of highly experienced individuals, Safemoon 2.0 seeks to establish itself as the greatest community collective within the web3 environment. As a re-imagined project backed by a large network of supporters and change-makers, it’s committed to building the largest community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts (nicknamed 'Degens' in crypto slang) around the world. Safemoon 2.0 champions a new era of collaboration, striving for greater heights in the crypto sphere. With the guidance and consulting support from BigGreenDs, a renowned name in marketing and consulting, this project is set to impact the industry in significant ways.

At the heart of Safemoon 2.0 are its innovative tokenomics designed with the users' best interests in mind. It provides a safe and secure trading space for investors, ensuring freedom and confidence in their crypto transactions. The project's economic model includes a unique liquidity burn feature and a renounced contract, adding an extra layer of trust and security for its community members. To foster a consistent deflationary mechanism, every transaction made through their partner Voltichange burns a portion of the total supply. Additionally, through their partnership with Flooz, they offer the ease of fiat conversion, allowing users to purchase SAFEMOON 2.0 tokens with their preferred native currency. It's a project that reflects the spirit of collective growth, providing back to the community in various forms and aiming to revolutionize the web3 space.