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Circulating supply
Total supply
2,500,000,000 ROY
Max. supply
6,000,000,000 ROY
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About Royal Protocol

Royal Protocol is the first piece of a digital ecosystem which combines blockchain technology with game development. By breaking down technological barriers, Royal Protocol allows players to access interactive digital entertainment while reaping financial rewards through a fully-integrated, intuitive gaming economy. This gives individuals high-quality games which double as a means of financial empowerment. Through this, Royal Protocol signifies a shift in how digital gaming content is created, distributed, recorded, adopted, and profited from. This project addresses finances, technology, community, risk, income, and accessibility.

Additionally, Royal Protocol has the Royal Protocol Blockchain for native, smart contract games, which holders will use to explore methods for transferring and storing information, building and sustaining alternative forms of capital, and implementing a holistic version of digital ownership. This lets the project to set an industry standard for reliable, community-oriented platforms while simultaneously leveraging the advantages of a blockchain ecosystem, built on the framework of interconnected DAPPs (decentralized applications). Royal Protocol will power said ecosystem, which will include Royal Arcade games, an NFT Marketplace, a wallet app, and more.

$ROY has a total supply of 6 billion tokens. At the time of writing, there are approximately 2.5 billion tokens in circulation. The value of $ROY is tied to its use as a utility token within the Royal Protocol Ecosystem and, as such, does not have reflections or deflationary tokenomics built into the contract. There is a potential for future burns moving forward.

With a total supply of 6 million tokens, the governance token, $GROY, is the key to an interactive future for Royal Protocol, allowing users to understand their personal voting power, their allocated rewards for certain events, and a wide range of other features which will be unique to the Royal Protocol Ecosystem. Additional benefits of $GROY have yet to be released, but it plays an important role for large-scale involvement and potential partnerships.

GameFi (Decentralized Game-based Finance) reconfigured traditional economic systems and financial structures. Supported by the ecosystem, digital gaming can become the bridge that allows users to connect and earn a variety of “incomes” simply by playing, streaming, watching, or collecting aspects of games which are powered by Royal Protocol.

Royal Protocol fulfills its obligation to holders by rising above the security standards of the current market. The project will take every possible precaution to establish a new level of safety within a blockchain environment by utilizing tools such as the Royal Arcade Certification and carefully-selected teams of specialists to enable Royal Arcade audited contracts.

Gaming evolution could not be complete without redefining what makes something safe and reliable. Currently, many gaming mechanics are specifically designed as unethical methods which are considered acceptable because there are no reliable alternatives. Users who are involved in online gaming frequently find themselves interacting with dark patterns, such as loot boxes, pay to skip, or artificial scarcity. It’s only through a re-conceptualization of how games can exist and interact through blockchain technology that Royal Protocol can shift the standard of accountability to empower and protect users.

Royal Protocol looks to lower the cost of buying games, decrease risk and loss, increase financial rewards, add accessibility, protect user information, and openly present accurate data. Royal Protocol is many things but, most profoundly, it’s a software development company taking steps to redirect how online games and digital gaming can impact everyday life.