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Circulating supply
0 rGLD
Total supply
50,000,000 rGLD
Max. supply
50,000,000 rGLD
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As an asset management company, we have taken part in gold-related activities, such as mining (among others). We also relentlessly developed our appetite for cutting-edge technology that led to the merger of all our activities with the disruptive technology of blockchain. Direct participation in this activity has granted us a tremendous advantage in the marketplace, and over others that only act as intermediaries. The volatile nature of cryptocurrencies is a hallmark of the cryptocurrency market. For this reason, gold plays a role in the stability of our ecosystem that makes it possible to prevent any possible price fluctuations.

[Rolaz Gold (rGLD)](https://rolaz.io) token is the first tokenized (natural) asset from the Rolaz Decentralized Investment Protocol. In a nutshell, as the name implies, it's a gold-backed token developed to stabilize and secure our Hedge Fund's ecosystem. Rolaz Gold's major function is to provide a price based on its gold value, in order to reduce volatility and protect our community from price fluctuations.