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Vision & Mission from RoArts token.

From the very beginning of this project, the team had one goal in mind, we want to create a platform for the community that gives back to them and does it in a fun way. This That's why we developed our RoArts, after launch, we plan to continue developing new concepts for games and competitions that the community can participate in and benefit from.

What is Roarts ($ROAR) token?

RoArts Token is a 100% community-backed DeFi token with scheduled burn operations, dynamic liquidity fee management, and most importantly, earning holders ROAR for every transaction. RoArts will continuously focus on the process of creating an NFT Series with a profitable business model that will give ROAR awards through events and tournaments, the complex DeFi process defined in the contract. NFT (Non-Fungible-Token) are unique and are created and minted as one type only. Especially after market awareness, NFTs are expected to have more room to grow in the coming years as well. RoArts Team will work on game, audio and video production and NFT creation in the next projects.

The early stage project planning & milestones for roarts:

  • NFT Marketplace building
  • NFT Game & Game equipment development & sell
  • NFT RoArts copyrighted sound & video playlist design

Game Project

Roarts is the NFT game project of the online RoArts token. Game revenues will be transferred to the RoArts token, advertising expenses, community awards and donations to social awareness projects will be covered from these revenues and there will never be token sales from the market wallet. Roarts online is build on play and earn logic.

The team behind RoArts

According to crypto token analysts, one of the factors that investors look at while selecting a token to invest in is the team behind its development. The analyst points out that the team needs to be well experienced in blockchain as well as running the token. RoArts as pointed out by its developers meet this threshold. Behind RoArts is an experienced team that prides itself on the knowledge that is required to build a successful project. The team has mobile core developers with loads of experience in the field.

The token’s audit SadBaby, a company that specializes in free smart contract checks performed an audit of RoArts smart contract where it sought to ascertain whether it was functioning as intended as well as identify potential security issues. From this audit, the token passed in all the 21 issues that were checked including compiler errors, possible delays in data delivery, front running, timestamp dependence, integer overflow and underflow, methods execution permissions, Oracle calls, design logic, fallback function security, and malicious event log among others. A second audit is scheduled during Phase 4 of the project development. It will be conducted by Certik, a leading security-based ranking platform that analyses and monitors blockchain protocols and DeFi projects.