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The world’s most advanced synthetic rebase token, Rise Protocol combines revolutionary tokenomics and features with the best and latest decentralized finance (DeFi) technology. Smart contract has already passed audits by CTDSec (professional auditing firm) and Shappy from WarOnRugs.


  • Rebase token. If price of RISE is above peg price at 20:00 UTC, supply of RISE will increase and everyone will automatically receive additional RISE tokens into their wallet. If the price of RISE is 5% below the peg price for 3 consecutive days at 20:00 UTC, supply of RISE will decrease.
  • Dynamic peg. Initially pegged to 0.01 ETH, RISE has the revolutionary ability to peg to any asset, class of assets, or calculated metric in the future based on investor/market sentiment.
  • Frictionless yield. A portion of each and every transaction is instantly distributed to all holders.
  • Auto-liquidity generation. A portion of each and every transaction is permanently locked into liquidity.
  • Auto-distribution of liquidity provider rewards. A portion of each and every transaction is automatically distributed to liquidity providers.
  • “Supermassive Black Hole”. Publicly viewable burn address that accrues RISE through several mechanisms, scaling exponentially over time to provide incredibly powerful deflationary effects.

“Sustainable, Adaptable and Secure”: these are three tenets that Rise Protocol was built upon. Every aspect of the token, presale, smart contract, etc. was created with these core values in mind.


Powerful and unique “Supermassive Black Hole” deflationary concept that accrues and burns tokens through various different methods. Effects scale exponentially over time.

Auto-liquidity generation that permanently locks a portion of each transaction into liquidity, creating an ever increasing sell floor.

Initial rebase lag of 5. This means that if the price of RISE at time of rebase is 100% over the target price, we will receive a rebase for 20% (100% divided by 5).

“Supply adjustment” that will increase the price of RISE, but decrease the supply if the market price is below 5% of target price for 3 consecutive days during the rebase time.


  • Rise has the revolutionary ability to peg to any asset, calculated metric, or asset class. Initially pegged to Ethereum for its importance in DeFi and for ease of understanding, this peg can be altered in the future through governance based on investor/market sentiment. The smart contract was coded so that every parameter can be adjusted in the future through governance. Things like sales tax, transaction tax, burn percentage, liquidity provider rewards, rebase lag, etc. all have the ability to be adjusted. This gives RISE the ability to constantly adapt and change based on market conditions.


The Rise contract has passed audits by CTDSec (a professional smart contract auditing firm) and by Shappy from WarOnRugs (highly respected owner of a community aimed at preventing rug pulls and scams in the crypto-sphere).

No need to transfer your tokens to a staking contract address in order to earn rewards! Frictionless yield allows you to hold your tokens in your own wallet for utmost security. You can watch as your balance grows with each and every transaction.

If you choose to provide liquidity, you will be rewarded through auto-distribution of liquidity rewards. Again, no need to send your LP tokens to a separate staking contract, simply hold your LP tokens in your own wallet and watch as their value increase over time.

Initial team provided liquidity will be locked before Uniswap trading is enabled.