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The way we live our day to day life has changed drastically. People are wanting more and more of that instant gratification from the online world. Subconsciously falling into this hole that ruins relationships with one another and puts unwanted stress on our lives.

The everyday person has an active screen time usage at around 3 ½ hours a day. However, the recent and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has drastically shown us how dependent people are with their mobile devices and how much time they are actually spending with their loved ones.

Rates for active screen time usage have been up anywhere from 33% all the way to over a drastically high of 180% within a week. We have also seen a huge increase in divorce rates among married couples. This is alarming and we as a society need to make some serious changes within ourselves to have a better future. The solution is through Restores incentivized locking application.

The user would lock their mobile device through our application and start earning REST, a token based incentive. This user based incentive application is meant to help people with prioritizing time with one another, strengthening their mental fortitude, aiding in social relationships but most importantly help “Restore” your life.

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