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Self-reported circulating supply
181,020 RSRV
Total supply
625,000 RSRV
Max. supply
625,000 RSRV
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About Reserve

At the heart of this exceptional system lies a four-phase structure that is entirely unique. It's designed to adapt to market conditions dynamically, providing incentives and safeguards that are finely tuned to the ever-changing price dynamics of the project's native token. In the initial two phases, as the token price experiences a drop, the system intelligently increases incentives to purchase, fostering stability and investor confidence during periods of market uncertainty. Conversely, as the price of the token escalates, the monetary expansion slows down, preventing excessive inflation and maintaining a sustainable growth trajectory. The final two phases of this innovative structure are the fail-safes. They are there to ensure crisis management is executed in a timely and effective manner. In situations where monetary expansion becomes unsustainable or detrimental, these phases provide mechanisms to halt excessive printing and, if necessary, initiate a monetary reset. This forward-thinking approach positions Reserve to not only thrive in favorable market conditions but also weather the storms, making it a robust and adaptable system. Reserve's commitment to both opportunity and resilience is a testament to its forward-thinking approach in the world of cryptocurrency and monetary systems.

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