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Self-reported circulating supply
Total supply
2,500,000 RCT
Max. supply
100,000,000 RCT

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About Reactor

Reactor is an optimized yield platform built to boost rewards on Terra. As a holder of vxASTRO, veANC, and multiple veToken of other projects in the future, Reactor will participate in these voting procedures, and these voting rights are passed to vote locked RCT (vlRCT) holders. Hence, one RCT token will have the right of multiple governance projects in the Terra ecosystem.

We will also integrate a bribe marketplace into Reactor. Reactor’s marketplace will help vote buyers optimize voting for incentives, in turn giving vlRCT holders the best returns.Users who are Astroport LPs that are farming ASTRO through the ASTRO Generators can earn trading fees and boosted ASTRO without locking ASTRO (vxASTRO) if they stake their LP with Reactor.