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About Raicoin

What Is Raicoin (RAI)?

Raicoin is a novel Block Lattice chain designed for real life and daily use. The network runs on it’s unique Distributed Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DDPoS) consensus mechanism, which aims to be a crypto system with high performance, low latency, well decentralized and easily extendable.

Unique/Key Features

(1) Distributed DPoS (DDPoS): The project designed a novel DDPoS algorithm, make it Infinitely Scalable and High Efficiency.

(2) Confirm In 1 Second: Transactions can be confirmed within 1 second even when high network load.

(3) Super High Performance: The performance on high end hardware (64 cores CPU/RAM Disk/10Gbps Network) is about 300K TPS, even on cheap VPS (such as $6/month vultr.com VPS) the performance can be 2K+ TPS.

(4) All Nodes Are Created Equal: Raicoin aims to be a well decentralized system, so there are NO master node, NO super representative, NO block producer.

(5) Staking Reward: All representatives can earn staking reward. No matter how many coins you have, you can run a node to earn all the reward generated by your coin.

(6) Pay Once Fee For Life: Raicoin introduces a Credit Secure System, accounts need to spend little amount coin to get credits from the network, than allowed to do (20 x credits) transactions every day.

(7) Fullmesh Network & Bandwidth Saving: The project introduces a fullmesh network layer for it's DDPoS System, it will save up to 90% bandwidth cost than typical block lattice network.

(8) Issue Token in 10 Seconds: Users can create their RAI20 tokens by just some clicks, without any code skill.

(9) Automatically Swappable: All those RAI20 tokens will be automatically swappable with each other.

(10) Programmable: More than 50% of the block content can be programed by the upper layer services and third party apps. By this feature, new features can be easily added to the project. The system is also suitable for running various third-party apps (such as DEX, coin mixer, p2p instant message, fair proven lottery...).

Raicoin News

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