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Self-reported circulating supply
132,731,059 QUBE
Total supply
933,170,000 QUBE
Max. supply
1,000,000,000 QUBE

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About Qube Crypto Space

What Is Qube Crypto Space (QUBE)?

Qube Crypto Space is a Sharia-based multichain platform that combines the most popular functions of the crypto world. A place where everyone, who is keen on cryptocurrencies and blockchain, can find a place for himself.

QUBE core modules:

  • DEX Decentralized Exchange for swap, stake and farm.
  • Multichain Launchpad for launching IDO projects.
  • NFT marketplace for trade NFT arts.
  • Social Network to do networking in order to find like-minded people in the crypto community.
  • Qube P2E

QUBE is the native utility token that is used as:

Utility token Purpose: to provide the community with access to platform services. Function: Token is an access key to financial services of the Qube ecosystem. Governance token Goal: Involving the community in the accelerated development of the platform and the expansion of the ecosystem. Function: Token is a platform management key that allows you to participate in the choice of project development directions and the introduction of new products. Launch token Objective: Create a launching pad for conducting IDO projects. Function: Token is a tool for attracting an audience of new projects placed on Qube LaunchPad and financially assessing their potential. Pay token Goal: Formation of the Qube economy. Function: a. Token as a measure of value: all commissions and prices on the platform are nominated in Qube. b. Token as a means of circulation: Qube acts as a means of payment for any transactions within the platform. Qube has high liquidity and can be instantly exchanged for another cryptocurrency in AMM pools on the platform and external platforms. c. Token as an investment tool. The intrinsic value and transparent emission model allow the token to be used to receive a reward when used as a tool for generating liquidity and staking within the platform. Fund Token Objective: Funding the initial development of the Qube platform. Function: Attracting funding from the team at the initial stage of project development through an additional emission of the total emission of QUBE tokens on the platform.

How Many QUBE Coins Are There in Circulation?

Who Are the Founders of Qube Crypto Space?