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KUN is the governance and algorithmic token of Chemix Ecology. In Chemix Labs' synthetic assets derivatives minting operation, the algorithm adjustment part is regulated by KUN tokens. KUN is also used in Chemix Ecology's governance voting. In the future, KUN will take more roles in Chemix Launchpad and NFT business.

Total supply of KUN token is 12 million, dynamically allocated on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

KUN allocation ratio: 50% for community incentives (such as liquidity mining), 20% for marketing promotion, 25% for strategic investment, 5% for development team holding.

What is QIAN protocol?

QIAN is a stablecoin protocol based on Ethereum and Binance smart chain. It provides a one-stop liquidity solution for mainstream cryptoassets. QIAN Stablecoin Protocol is committed to establishing a new stablecoin system that provides a set of open architecture allowing anyone to generate stable-value tokens with the legal currency of various countries as the pricing standard, anytime and anywhere.

What is Chemix Labs?

Chemix Labs (Chemix for short) is a fractional-algorithmic synthetic assets protocol developed by the QIAN Protocol team. In Chemix's minting operation, the algorithm part is regulated by KUN token. Chemix is open-source, permissionless, and entirely on-chain. The name Chemix is derived from the Chemical reaction, which corresponds to the core business of the synthetic assets. The goal of Chemix is to establish a scalable, distributed, algorithm-adjusted synthetic asset management system. Its advantage is the improvement of user's capital utilization and a stable arbitrage mechanism through real-time operations as minting, redemption, buyback, and recollateralization.

The latest public audit reports of Chemix Labs is provided by CertiK.