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Self-reported circulating supply
14,664,580 XP
Total supply
14,001,000 XP
Max. supply
200,000,000 XP
Self-Reported Tags
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About PolkaFantasy

What is PolkaFantasy

PolkaFantasy is a Japanese NFT cross-chain marketplace & multiverse game, built for NFT lovers by NFT enthusiasts. Inspired by Japanese Animation, Comics, and Games (ACG) culture, PolkaFantasy is an immersive platform to discover, create, trade, and interact with any digital collectibles. This project aims to deliver a breathtaking marketplace and truly gamified DeFi. It is also a full-fledged game with unbelievable #GameFi and play-to-earn elements. To learn more about this project, check out our website https://polkafantasy.com/

Who Are the Founders of PolkaFantasy?

PolkaFantasy was founded by Alex Hui. He started his career as a Business Development & Marketing Manager before becoming an entrepreneur. His dev studio is internationally awarded twice for the innovative approach of apps development. Alex strives to find solutions for what is lacking in the current blockchain game market. He is trying to bridge between traditional gaming and blockchain to make it more attractive to ordinary gamers.

Having a strong connection to Japanese culture, Alex has been trying to use his passion and blockchain knowledge, and bring a unique project to communities that share the same enthusiasm.

What Makes PolkaFantasy Unique?

PolkaFantasy is a full-fledged ecosystem of NFT games, marketplace and wallet, especially in Animation, Comics, and Games (ACG) culture, which is worth billions of dollars. Tapping into this market with a team that has a strong background in both the traditional ACG industry and blockchain field, they are building something that will bring the NEXT GEN blockchain game into play. A game to rival legends such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest and that can catch the hearts of non-crypto gamers. PolkaFantasy is aiming to bring the next generation blockchain game to life with great playability.

How Many XP token Are There in Circulation?

There is a maximum supply of 200 million XP token. Meanwhile, about 6.5 million XP in circulation and in existence right now. First round of public sale of XP token will be held on 10th September, 2021.

Where Can You Buy XP Token (XP)?

As a new cryptocurrency token being released into the market, to ensure the security and authentication of the trade, PolkaFantasy has launched their IDO on Uniswap V2. Uniswap is one of the most trusted decentralized finance protocol specialists in exchanging cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum network through the use of smart contracts.

If you have any questions on purchasing the XP tokens, check out this guide and please beware of scam sites!


What is PolkaFantasy?

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