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POLAR Price Live Data

Polaris is a decentralised DeFi platform that allows Projects to set up their own liquidity farm to attract liquidity providers to their tokens.

Investors and liquidity providers earn a multiplier-enhanced yield reward for providing liquidity into our listed liquidity farms.

Polaris yield farm plaform is now available on both BSC and Polygon.

POLAR tokens are available on BSC and Polygon and unified across a Bridge, with 50m total supply on each. POLAR tokens can be used by investors to multiply the yield earned from Polaris supernova liquidity farms. POLAR is a deflationary token as half of the POLAR tokens spent on reward multipliers are then burned.

Polaris provide users with the following differentiators compared to other liquidity farms: 1. DIY decentralised platform which project partners can use to set up their own yield farms 2. Rewards longer duration liquidity staking with multipliers 3. Rewards farming by spending Polar tokens for further multipliers 4. Competitive farming for enhanced rewards 5. Partners earn the polar tokens spent on reward multipliers on their supernovas

A unique feature of Polaris is the ability of any BSC and Polygon project to leverage our competitive farming model to bootstrap their own protocol’s liquidity. This is an entirely novel feature in the BSC and Polygon ecosystem.

As mentioned above, POLAR tokens are spendable during the reward claiming process in order to multiply your rewards.

What other Projects can then do is launch their own Supernova liquidity farms.

The difference here is that, on Polaris, users can also spend POLAR to increase their rewards.

Crucially, other project teams that set up their liwill then receive any POLAR spent by users when claiming their rewards from Partner Supernovas. This functions as an ongoing incentive for partners to utilize Polaris Launchpad.