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Pluton Chain is a decentralised ecosystem. Our goal is to make cryptocurrency convenient for everyday life while maintaining reliability and anonymity.

A lot of work has been done in the Pluton network so far: many nodes have been created, servers around the world have been organised and launched, and the network has become truly decentralised and stable.

We are now ready to launch the first bridge from our Pluton Chain to the BSC network.

But the work does not end there. It is just beginning!

We are working on an upgrade of PLC V2. This will give us new features, increase the speed while not interfering with the main network, but improving their interaction. Therefore, there will be no more significant development in the PLC network.

Pluton Chain V2 is a Layer 3 blockchain running on PoE and PoS algorithms. We decided to abandon traditional mining in the new network. It will remain only in the first version to be more economical and environmentally friendly. Staking and atomic swaps (the ability to exchange with other blockchains) will work.

PLC V2 will be the node that connects the blockchains and enables the creation of liquidity between them. This will help new blockchain start-ups. They will be able to create liquidity quickly and easily for different combinations: NEWBLOCKCHAIN/BTC NEWBLOCKCHAIN/BNB NEWBLOCKCHAIN/USDT and similar. This development will remove the need for centralized exchanges, it will be easy to change a coin for a coin, any coin - any network..

The development will run on a substrate node (blockchain engine).

Transactions on the PLC V2 chain will take no more than 30 seconds, and an EVM (virtual machine for promoting Smart Contracts) will be launched.

All of the above will also make it possible to run the game with the ability to not only place (donate) cryptocurrency into the game but also to withdraw it (i.e. players will be able to earn real PLCs and sell them if they wish).

Work has also started on a book based on which the space game will be based.

But PLC and PLC V2, as well as BSC PLC and others, will remain as one single coin, with ONE price and a max issue of 100 million.