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What is Peet DeFi?

Peet DeFi is a decentralized financial platform which seeks to offer real-world asset collateralization and high return yield farming to its users.

What Makes Peet Unique?

  • With Peet's native token PTE deployed on multiple blockchains PTE can atomically swap between chains in order to maximize capital efficiency and minimize fees at the time of transaction.
  • The Peet platform is governed by PTE token holders through DAO voting, allowing the community to control the future of the project.
  • Peet users can earn returns on PTE even prior to mainnet launch by locking, staking, or adding liquidity to asset pools.

What are the Tokenomics for PTE?

The initial supply for PTE is 100,000 tokens and the circulating supply of PTE will always be less than or equal to 100,000. Of all PTE, 1% is set aside for the founders and 10% set aside for use in atomic swapping pools to provide cross-chain utilization of the platform. The remaining 89% are available from exchanges or liquidity pools.