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Pallas is an AutoStaking protocol on the Fantom blockchain with an unparalleled, fixed APY of 153 724.5%. The protocol imposes profound ease, simplicity, and accessibility upon all Pallas token holders.

As a result of the AutoStaking feature empowering the Pallas protocol, token holders no longer have to go through numerous processes to attain viable returns and compound their investments. With Pallas, individuals simply purchase the token and hold, while the rewards get distributed to them on continuous basis. This allows for a new segment of actual ‘set and forget’ passive investment strategies to appear on the Fantom blockchain.

By releasing an innovative holding system which includes a positive rebase formula, Pallas is creating an elastic Token which compounds every 30 min. with interest being distributed by the rebase mechanism.

Pallas sustains its high APY by providing a diversified mixture of revenue-generating mechanisms from POL (Protocol-Owned Liquidity), Yield Farming (Farming as a Service) to imposing transaction costs.