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What Is Ownly (OWN)?

Backed with over 3+ years of experience in the NFT and blockchain industry, OWNLY is a metaverse-focused platform that allows creators and collectors to optimize ownership and utility through innovative applications of non-fungible tokens (NFT). Ownly is created to be a meeting place of artists, gamers, and collectors in the crypto and NFT space.

OWN is the native utility token of Ownly, holders are able to buy, sell, own, collect, and trade 1 of 1 edition NFTs in the Ownly Market. It is the medium of exchange in staking, governing, and purchasing NFT art and gaming assets within the Ownly Ecosystem.

Ownly raised $40,000 during the Private Sale of OWN tokens. With only this minimal capital the team is able to launch and sell amazing NFT collections in collaboration with talented artists. Ownly is already profitable, a portion of this revenue will be used to buy back OWN tokens and burn them on a per quarter schedule starting September 2021.

The Ownly Platform Is Composed Of

NFT Art Collections

CryptoSolitaire NFT Playing Card Deck

Created by visual artist Chenandink (https://instagram.com/chenandink). This NFT Playing Card Deck was used in the 3D Solitaire Game for our entry in the 2019 Decentraland Game Jam, where we won 13th place out of 100+ entries from around the world.

Inkvadyrz NFT Collection by Lei Melendres

Created by doodle artist and illustrator Lei Melendres (https://instagram.com/leimelendres) with 100K+ followers on Instagram. This collection is composed of 20 Single Edition doodle characters.

Titans of Industry Collection by Eugene Oligo (BSC)

Created by multimedia artist Eugene Oligo, our collaboration entitled Titans of Industry features the pioneers, entrepreneurs, and titans of the crypto space. This collection will surely help you recognize the big ones, their feats, and their impact on the blockchain world.

Mustachioverse Collection by BoiiMustache

Created by innovative artist BoiiMustache, the Genesis Set is composed of 100 unique 1 of 1, hand-drawn quirky characters sporting an overgrown mustache. Maximum of 999 will be created in the coming months.

Genesis Block Collection by Marso

Created by artist Marso, the Genesis Block is a collection of work combining the elegance of geometry and a vibrant color palette dubbed as the ‘Genesis Block’ of Blockchain, reminiscent of the ceiling of the famous Sistine Chapel.

Ownly House of Art Collection by BoiiMustache

Created by artists Dan Barotilla, Glenn De Guzman and Mel Baranda, Ownly House of Art (OHA) is a collection of tokenized physical art. It provides a solution to traditional artists that needs more exposure and collectors that need a frictionless acquisition of high-value physical art pieces. OHA, through the use of NFTs, creates a seamless, transparent, and more efficient sales process. More artist collaborations are in the works and will be launching soon.

OWN Utility and Governance Token

  • Empowering Creators: Ownly fills the gap of the technology and marketing side of NFTs. Artists are getting paid with OWN, ETH, BNB, or in fiat.
  • Exclusive NFT Offer: Purchase premier NFTs with OWN tokens at a discount or other cryptocurrencies at full price.
  • Governance: OWN holders are able to participate in decision making for governing the platform including selecting artists and artworks via systematic voting soon.
  • Staking: Participate in multiple staking options to earn more rewards such as OWN, NFTs, and other partner tokens.
  • Rewards: Ownly NFT holders are entitled to quarterly OWN airdrops until the airdrop and rewards wallet is exhausted. Additional OWN tokens can aslo be bought back from the market using profits to reward NFT holders in the future.

Ownly NFT Marketplace

We built our own NFT marketplace to curate, and sell amazing Single Edition NFT art collections created by talented artists. The Ownly Marketplace currently supports BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and Ethereum but will support more blockchain networks soon.

Mustachio Quest

Inspired by the tales and adventures of the Mustachios in The Sages Rant, Mustachio Quest is Ownly’s first NFT Play-And-Earn Game created inside MustachioVerse where players can play around using the 3D versions of their Mustachios.

OwnChain NFT PoS Blockchain (coming soon)

We’re currently doing R&D for a new efficient, fast, and cheap Proof-of-Stake blockchain with a single focus on native support for NFTs only. The target launch is Q2 or Q3 of 2022.

How Many OWN Tokens Are There in Circulation?

The OWN token was launched on Binance Smart Chain on July 27, 2021 with an initial total supply of 10 billion OWN tokens. Of the initial total supply, 20% of the tokens were distributed to private sale participants. A minimal amount was allocated for sale to avoid any sudden fall in the price of OWN in the market.

5% of the tokens were allocated for marketing and community airdrops, and 21.83% for community development and staking programs. Majority of the tokens were allocated for OWN Initial DEX Offering at 26.6667%.

As for the rest of the tokens, 20% of the tokens are locked for 2 years in the team and advisors wallet. Another 5% is allocated as reserve fund and locked for 5 years for contingency.

Who Are the Founders of Ownly?

Ownly is the brainchild of Ismael Jerusalem, based in the Philippines, a creative entrepreneur exploring the intersection of technology and art on the blockchain through NFT since 2018. Ismael currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Ownly.

Ownly started as CryptoSolitaire since 2018 together with Rico Zuñiga, a serial tech entrepreneur, and currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer of SparkPoint Technologies Inc. Rico has been in the tech industry for 20 years and is one of the pioneers in the Philippine tech startup industry. He also serves as a Technical Advisor for Ownly.

Bernard Historillo serves as Ownly's Chief Technology Officer. Bernie is an experienced full stack developer who has worked with various national and international clients. He worked on several sofware development projects for clients in the USA and Singapore. While in university, he has won several programming competitions and plays key roles in delivering quality software systems.

Kina Añasco serves as Ownly's Chief Marketing Officer. Kina is an Online Marketing Strategist and Conversion Copywriter with years of experience in personal branding, sales funnels, social media, and email marketing. She delivered hundreds of different types of content for diverse clients globally, including creatives, therapists, coaches, and consultants.

Where Can You Buy Ownly (OWN)?

OWN is available for trading on a growing number of exchanges, with BNB and stablecoin pairs currently available.

PancakeSwap OWN-BUSD pair SparkSwap OWN-BNB pair

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