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Self-reported circulating supply
98,500,000 ORBIT
Total supply
100,000,000 ORBIT
Max. supply
100,000,000 ORBIT

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About Orbit

OrbitFund is our straightforward investment platform. Qualified ORBIT holders have tiered access to monthly returns up to 10%. Each period of 27-28 days is followed by a withdrawal and deposit window of 3-4 days. Future plans include an auto-reinvestment feature along with variable-ratio investment opportunities. OrbitPad provides qualified ORBIT holders with whitelist access to stringently vetted and fully doxed prelaunch crypto projects. Savvy investors have access to all upcoming and open whitelist project information and can see how their early investments have grown with ROI statistics as projects transition from OrbitPad presale to launch. Aiming to simplify the complex world of cross-chain data and analytics, OrbitAnalytics will provide pre-made templates for novice traders as well as custom templates for the seasoned professional. Launching with the two of the most requested networks (BSC and ERC), future versions will provide all the flexibility needed to quickly validate your research prior to making any trade, on any chain! Facilitating trade through BSC and ERC, and set to expand across all available chains, OrbitExchange is our decentralized high-speed trading platform. Qualified ORBIT holders will be provided with top performing tokens based on organic data-driven rankings and will also simultaneously be rewarded with a 50/50 revenue sharing model generated by advertisements within the exchange.