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What is Node Runners (NDR)?

Node Runners is an open-source cyberpunk themed game, which aims to bring together both DeFi and NFT enthusiasts in a fight for the “decentralized tomorrow”. The action of the game takes place in the dystopian future, where each player’s goal is to become the Node Runner by acquiring Hero NFT cards, boosting their strength, and fighting Villains in 1-on-1 battles.

NDR is a utility token that can be used for: Liquidity mining and NFT purchases. Serve as health points in the game. Used for governance to determine fees and resources allocation.

What makes Node Runners unique?

Node Runners combined liquidity mining with collectible NFTs, and introduced the first “NFT farming & staking” model. The game enables its users to receive NFTs as a liquidity mining reward and stake those NFTs to acquire NDR. Players can also enjoy the gamification elements, such as fighting Villains and PvP battles.

Node Runners also have permanent liquidity sources. 90% of NFT sales that are made in ETH are used to provide and lock NDR/ETH liquidity. There is a 2% fee on transfer, which is also allocated for liquidity lock. Thanks to Matic Network’s L2 scaling solution, Node Runners’ players can interact with smart contracts completely free of gas fees.

What was the NDR tokens distribution?

There was a total of 28,000 NDR minted, 45% of which were airdropped to 500 people (25.2 each) at the launch. Another 45% were locked as staking rewards across two pools, 5% were used as liquidity lock for a year, and the remaining 5% were put aside for marketing and development purposes.

Where can you buy NDR?

NDR/ETH pair is currently being traded on Uniswap.