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About NidhiDAO

NidhiDAO is building a decentralized community-owned currency, backed by real world assets with the vision of creating wealth and abundance for all.

$GURU is an alternative currency that maintains the same tokenomics model of $OHM, but is backed by real world assets in addition to dollar backed stable coins.

This added feature to $GURU will help offset any debasement caused by USD inflation.

NidhiDAO will accomplish a diversified treasury backed by real world assets through a partnership with Tangible, a TNFT (tangible non-fungible token) platform that allows anyone to use cryptocurrency to purchase valuable physical goods from the world’s leading suppliers.

Upon the purchase of an asset listed on Tangible, a TNFT is minted representing the physical item. That item is sent to Tangible’s storage facility and the TNFT is sent to the buyer’s wallet, which is free to be traded on the Tangible Marketplace. In order to incentivize both adoption of TNFTs and an accumulation of TNFTs in the NidhiDAO treasury, bonding with TNFTs will be enabled by the NidhiDAO protocol.

NidhiDAO will help fund the development of the Tangible marketplace. In return, Tangible will use 50% of their revenue to bond with TNFTs in exchange for $GURU. The volume of the collectibles market is currently $154bn per year, and is extremely inefficient. Tangible predicts that a large portion of this market will move on chain due to their innovative TNFT model that removes the inefficiency of collectible physical goods moving location. This in turn will drive long term sustainable yields for $GURU stakers.