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First and foremost, NFTime is a unique social media site with a wide range of functions for NFT holders. It is a blockchain technology platform that allows people to connect with their friends, favorite artists share their favourite songs and illustrations. All of the above is kept while maintaining the ownership of the uploaded items and your profile. It is all in one platform that allows you to talk to your friends, create NFT and earn, NFTime brings people a step closer.
Secondly, it is a platform where you can create & sell NFTs, connect with friends, chat, and share your gallery. Our core value is the community and a steady transition to becoming a decentralized autonomous organization. We created a place where you can create and earn. Name your own price for your NFT, there is no limit & no hidden fees. NFTime is a platform that aims to broaden the horizons of the NFT world by allowing the community to connect. It will enable users to experience a new world, owning all the illustrations, music, clips and images.
The NFTime token (NFTM) is the core value and pure reflection of the success of the platform. It will be used for not only commissions, but also for the services that are in the platform.