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The goals of Neptune are clearly defined, it is about creating the best possible experience between investor and developer. Neptune aims to create an ECO system in which exactly that is possible through, for example, the first utility: an Audit & KYC platform to protect investors and developers. This platform is already close to release and will be fully functional by the end of 2021. Another great aspect of Neptune are the "Moonlandings" which you can find on the website. Here with every milestone new exciting things are unlocked for investors. For example, at 500 holders the Golden Hour for 0% tax for one hour. With this we ensure that the project remains interesting for investors even in the longevity that we foresee for it, because you never know what is hidden behind the next "door". So the ecosystem of Neptune is mainly focused on the user experience of investors as well as project managers and developers and we will continue to strengthen our market in this direction by trying to expand our ecosystem every quarter and strengthen it in the existing niches.

The tokenomics of the token are as follows : 100% of the Supply into liquidity, which means there are no team tokens or anything like that. Here the total Supply is 1,000,000,000 NPTUN (Neptune). The Tax of the project: 15% Buy & 20% Sell These result from 10% Liquidity Protocol, 3% Marketing & 2% Team. The remaining 5% that is added to the Sell will be divided according to size and percentage of the 3 above mentioned items.