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THE COMPANY: NDB Money, a company backed by Nano Diamond Battery (NDB, Inc.), a leading company in the development of nuclear batteries, develops a monetary reform that decouples monetary and credit functions. Such a function would use current and future energy supplies to adjust the money supply. For a larger-scale sustainable energy transition, NDB energy-referenced currency plays a key role.

NDB BLOCKCHAIN ECOSYSTEM: We propose a blockchain-based NDB ecosystem that facilitates trading, tracking, and paying (and otherwise managing) energy in new ways – among peers and with personal devices, utility providers, and other stakeholders and components.

At its center, the NDB ecosystem is developed, managed, and governed by NDB Hub.

The NDB ecosystem will include a Decentralized Energy Platform (Watt) that will provide software and blockchain applications as a service; an Energy Metaverse (NDB City) that will create a virtual reality focused on Energy-related topics; Charenji is a DeFi NFT social media; NYYU - our crypto/fiat exchange; and partnerships with energy technology projects that will enhance the self-sustained storing and sharing of energy among open user communities.

NDB TOKEN: The NDB token provides access to the NDB Ecosystem and allows the acquisition of its utilities, such as NFTs in NDB City, Nyyu, and Charenji. The interaction with our products and services will be possible as BaaS for clients and customers. The BaaS acts as a measuring, interactive and supportive instrument between our ecosystem participants. Apart from the fundamentals of NDB token, it incorporates Inflation Control, Whitelist and Blacklist, Automatic Liquidity Generation, Buyback and Burn, Anti-sniper, and Honeypot-free code.

To learn more about the project, you can visit https://ndb.money.