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A fully permissionless DeFi-powered play-to-earn lottery DApp, MyLottoCoin aims to be a disruptive solution to official and online lottery problems, designed to empower players and effectively bridge the gap between a blockchain gaming experience and traditional elements.

MyLottoCoin has introduced a community-centric reward program reconceptualizing the lottery model by a tokenized Play-to-Earn and Hodl-to-Reward initiative and empowering players to always be part of the game and win. In order to facilitate and autonomize the reward program, MyLottoCoin has issued its own native utility token, MYL. Out of the total supply of BSC-based BEP-20 MYL token (100 million), 50% is allocated for free distribution among players (Play-2-Earn), and 10% of total ticket sale on DApp is redistributed to MYL token holders in proportion to the tokens in circulation, autonomously every 3 months and irrespective of playing games (Hodl-2-Reward in BNB)